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Product filters

Product filters If you have many products, it can be useful for your visitors that they can search for a desired product quickly, by selecting parameters or characteristics of the product.

For example: you sell laptops. In the category Laptops in your shop, your visitor can choose to display all laptops with 4GB RAM and a 250GB hard drive and with Bluetooth. This makes searching in a large range of products a lot more user friendly for your visitors.

Setting product filters

You can find this module at Settings > Modules > Product filters. At the bottom you can add a new product filter.

The name of the product filter, in the example this could be "Ram memory"
Checkbox: your visitors can select more than one option
Radio button: your visitors can select one option at a time
The category in which the filter should be displayed

After adding product filters, you can find them on the module page.

Linking products to a product filter

When adding or editing a product, you can select the desired search criteria in the bar Product filters and set a value.

If the visitor selects a product filter in your shop, the products will be grouped case sensitive by the filter. So set the values ​​of all products using this filter in exactly the same way.

Editing and deleting product filters

Delete Edit Use the Edit and Delete icons to quickly edit or remove a product filter.