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Środa, 5 Kwiecień 2017, 11:00

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We receive suggestions from our customers through our update list on a daily basis. The updates with the most votes are given priority for implementation. We are about to implement five big updates: you decide in which order.

Usability improvements

Usability and efficiency are top priority at EasyWebshop. Over the past few months, we have updated the interfaces for e-mail management, domain name management, layout management, shipping costs management, and category management.

If you choose this update, we will continue with updating the product management, page management, and payment options management.

Voting for more ease of use

Symcalia update (reservation system)

In 2011, Symcalia was implemented in EasyWebshop: a calendar system that made it possible to schedule reservations for wellness centers, B&Bs, workshops, and equipment rental. Unfortunately, Symcalia was not a great success: it was too extensive; connecting a calendar to a product was a complicated process.

However, we want to revive Symcalia with a version 2.0: an easy-to-use calendar system that enables you to make reservations for products and services.

Vote for Symcalia

POS system update

In 2014, we launched our own POS system as an addition to the webshop software. Unlike Symcalia, this was an instant hit: our customers massively started using it.

We want to update the POS system with a new interface, better discount integration, better search capabilities, and support for barcode scanners.

Vote for the POS system

Live chat update

Your visitors can send a message in real time from your website with the chat feature. This update will ensure that you can communicate more quickly and efficiently with your customers using your smartphone.

Vote for live chat

New layouts

All of our current layouts (also called designs, templates or themes) have been made mobile-friendly. We are expanding our offerings step by step so you can personalize your webshop even better.

The new layouts will have the same style as the current ones:

Vote for new layouts

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